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Wolf Parade and Sunset Rubdown's Spencer Krug Announces Irish Show

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Canadian indie legend Spencer Krug announces the only Irish show of his European solo piano tour in Dublin’s breathtaking Pepper Canister Church on Friday 31 May.

After fifteen years of writing and performing with projects like Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown, Moonface, Swan Lake, and Frog Eyes, this prolific artist has finally decided to release and tour the music he makes under his own name - Spencer Krug.

First gaining attention in the mid 2000’s as co-leader of Montreal's rock’n’roll Wolf Parade, then soon after as the voice and mind behind the chaotic Sunset Rubdown, Krug eventually used the now defunct Moonface as an outlet for his more experimental and sporadic solo material. And while he still writes and sings for the recently reactivated Wolf Parade, there remains in him a need to express something less rock-oriented, something more quiet, strange and introverted. So, returning to his first and favourite instrument, the piano, Krug has ventured back into his own fantastic world of pseudo-classical balladeering; poetic lyricism laced with twisted pop sensibility and jazz mimicry. Using this template, he now releases his solo work, and tours a variety of new songs as well as those from older projects, as Spencer Krug.


Talos Announce Set Theatre Kilkenny Show

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Irish artist Talos (aka Eoin French) who releases his second album, Far Out Dust, on BMG on 8 February, has announced a full band tour of Ireland, the UK and Europe for April and May starting off in Kilkenny’s Set Theatre on Thursday 25 April.

Far Out Dust -- a stunning blend of organic and electronic music with a gorgeous sense of discovery and wonder -- was written and recorded all over the globe, including New York City, Los Angeles, London, Dublin, Cork, and Reykjavik. Where Talos’ acclaimed debut, Wild Alee, was a solitary affair about isolation and escape, Far Out Dust finds Talos embarking on new journeys, drawing strength and comfort from lived experience and deep human connection. The result is both his most ambitious songwriting and most sophisticated studio work yet.